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About adventure

Adventure AD a newly emerging company is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company manufactures an innovative formulation of environmental catalysts, combination of precious and transition metal oxides, the result of more than 18 years of research and experimental work.

Adventure AD owns two patented models of systems for generating of H2 fuel (H2GS) from diesel, gasoline, methanol, ethanol and natural gas.

Adventure AD production facilities are well equipped for the manufacture of catalytic coated ceramic and metal monoliths, with modern chemical laboratory for production quality control and highly qualified engineering personal.

In 2012, the Company obtained a ISO 9001 certificate.





The Company strengths are:

Novel nanotechnology for catalysts for emission control, generation of hydrogen (H2) fuel and purification of the H2 from CO
Highly efficient technology for reforming of gasoline, diesel, natural gas and alcohols to hydrogen (H2) fuel
Solutions to meet stringent emission regulation
CDPF - DeNOx system for NOx and PM reduction
Solution for improvement of fuel efficacy of ICE via H2 generator:

Fuel economy up to 20%, Reduction of CO2 emissions more than 20%, Reduction of NOx emissions less than 5ppm, No particulate matter (PM)

Generator of hydrogen supply to fuel cells (H2GS-FC) on-demand, without the need for H2 storage facilities


There are several types of catalysts and systems which are proprietary to the Company:

Catalysts for emission control

Catalysts for reforming of

Generators of H2 fuel (H2GS)

CDPF – DeNOx  system

Catalysts for purification of H2 fuel

 The Company’s catalysts are novel nanoparticles composition of noble and base metals oxides combined with rare earth oxides.

The catalysts for abatement of toxic exhaust emissions from ICE have low light-off temperature and incorporates NOx trap.