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Business development

The Company’s auto-catalyst has the following characteristics:


  • Active at low temperature, CO “light - off” is around 100o C, HC at 200 o C and NOx at 230oC.
  • Oxidizes carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, while simultaneously reducing nitrogen oxides
  • Has incorporated NOx trap
  • Particulate matter filter (PMF) is build in


 The catalyst for reforming of fuels to hydrogen and the catalyst for purification of the reformate  (Selox) have the following unique futures:

  • The steam reforming of gasoline occurs at 650 o C, well below the operational temperature of current reforming processes, with very high efficiency of the process, up to 97%.
  • The catalyst has very good shift activity, additional hydrogen is generated from the steam, an exceptional advantage for fuel economy.
  • Complete conversion of methanol and ethanol to hydrogen (H2) occurs at 300o C.
  • Due to the specific characteristic of the catalyst, the concentration of CO formed during the reforming process is low, around 2.0%, which allows for a single purification unit, and hence a compact reformer/purifier system, suitable for use in vehicles driven with fuel cells (FC).
  • The “Selox” catalyst oxidises carbon monoxide (CO) in the presence of H2 at 110o C and with a minimum loss of hydrogen, less than 1%.
  • Catalyst activity and selectivity improves in presence of moisture and at increased pressure


The “on-board” reformer has significant application and provides major opportunities for the motor vehicle industry.