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( 20 November 2012 )
The quality control system introduced with the ISO 9001:2008 standard covers and insures high quality control in all operations and processes related to the design, development and production of auto catalysts.  
( 20 November 2012 )
Adventure has participated at the international "eCarTech" fair for electro mobility and innovations in alternative fuel sources. Adventure has exposed its innovative catalysts for reforming of hydrocarbon fuels to hydrogen both for powering fuel cells and for boosting conventional engines with hydrogen (HBICE). Adventure has also shown its models for generation and purification of hudrogen for fuel cells as well as its system for hydrogen boosted internal combustion engine ...
( 19 October 2012 )
Adventure participated in the biggest exhibition for comercial vehicles "IAA" in Hannover, Germany. The Company has presented its innovative catalysts for heavy duty diesel vehicles - selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and catalysed diesel particulate filter (CDPF).  
( 20 July 2012 )
( 08 June 2012 )
In June 2012, a patent for an on-board reformer for gasoline to fuel an Internal Combustion Engine with hydrogen (H2), was granted to Adventure. Presently, the Company is working on a prototipe of the reformer for hydrogen boosted internal combustion engine (HBICE). Preliminary work has shown that with the reformer the fuel compsumption could be reduced yo up to 40%, with a consequent reduction of toxic gases and carbon monoxide (CO2) emissions by the same percentage.  
( 07 September 2012 )
Advebture AD has successfully begun the project with Sofia Municipality for equiping the city transport buses in Sofia with Adventure's catalists. The first stage of the project has already been compleated with the mounting and testing of Adventure's catalyst on one of the city buses. The comparative tests results had shown a cut of more than 60% PM emissions.
( 05 March 2012 )
On 25th of November 2011, the "Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria"  has granted patent №1489 covering both a technology of generating H2 from hydrocarbon fuels and a technology for 1 stage purification system of hydrogen for the purposes of powering fuel cells (FC).
( 26 April 2012 )
Air pollution from exhaust fumes kills more than twice as many people as road accidents in Britain, experts claim. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, more than 5,000 people die prematurely from conditions like lung cancer and heart disease because of emissions Photo: ALAMY     More than 5,000 people die prematurely from conditions like lung cancer and heart disease because of emissions, according to the Massachusetts Institute of ...
( 14 November 2011 )
At the international “Ecology and Healthcare Working Committee Meeting” held in Berlin on  the 27th of October 2011 our representative , Maria Kostadinova  presented   the beneficial ecological impact of our products – TWC and the reforming of gasoline and diesel fuel to hydrogen. The presentation was accepted with great interest. Other actively participating companies were “Gazprom Germania”, “Rosatom”, “Tuev ...
( 07 May 2011 )
We have patented an "One stage purification system" for on-board reforming of hydrocarbon fuels to hudrogen to power  fuel cells:   Adventure steam reforming system consists of two catalysts and has the following advantages. The steam reforming of hydrocarbons fuels has a very high efficiency of more than 95% and thus, nearly all the hydrogen in the hydrocarbons (HC) is available as fuel for the FC, and hydrogen fueled internal combustion engine (HICE) vehicles. ...