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CDPF – DeNOx system




Advantageous alternative for NOx and PM removal from diesel exhaust emissions

  • The CDPF-DeNOx system consist of: CDPF, H2 generator and SCR units.
  • The system is installed at the exhaust of the engine.
  • Hydrogen (H2) generated from fraction of the diesel fuel is used as the reducing agent.
  • A fraction of the diesel from the fuel tank is injected to the exhaust gas before the CDPF unit. The PM filter is coated with a proprietary, highly active oxidation catalyst which keeps the to above 650oC, to maintain active regeneration conditions
  • Reduction of all toxic emissions, CO, HC, NOx and PM is > 96%
  • A slip catalyst is not needed, as excess of H2 is not hazardous